3 days until christmas 2016

How excited are you?
Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is hopefully getting into the christmas mood. Or are you stressed because you still don’t have all the gifts?



Some tips to survive the pre christmas storm:

Don’t let it overcome you! You do have enough time, all shops are opened until christmas eve. But if you think you wont have time after work, why don’t you just buy the gifts at lunch time. Or to avoid all people, buy your presents over the internet BUT don’t forget; it has to be express, otherwise they wont arrive on time.

If you don’t have enough money just bake something for your family. It’ll be something self-made and you wont spend too much money on it. If you don’t like baking you should do something else that is self-made. Everyone loves self-made stuff.

If you have all presents take a moment drink a hot chocolate and just enjoy christmas.

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