Since when is the earth flat again?

fan-the-flameWhy does humanity not learn from his mistakes? The human race has always been at war with one another and still there is no change in sight. Quite the contrary is actually going on: through this new and “great” military-technologies it’s getting “easier” to kill each other. Instead of using these developments of new technologies positive, we use it against the human race who invented it at the first place, how stupid!

So, I think, my primitive question: “since when is the earth flat again?” compared to the retarded status we have at the moment, is justified. So, are we retarded? Or do we actually want to be or to seem retarded? I hope not!

All these wars and fights; for what? And of course the recurrent answer: MONEY. Money finances the war and money results from the war. Humanity should finally learn that we can’t eat money.

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