Power workout

If you don’t have time, you should do a power workout every day or every second day. A power workout should take at least half an hour. During this half hour you give everything. You’ll be sweating as hell and you’ll feel great after this workout.

A power workorunningut has three parts. The first one is for your muscles. The second one is a very effective endurance training. And the third one is again for your muscles. You start with an exercise for your abdominal muscles then you go over to the legs and for the finish you do an exercise for your arms. You repeat this three times. Try to go beyond your limits because you know you just have to do this for 10 mins. After the first training you do your endurance training. This includes go running, and not just jogging! Or 10 very hard minutes of skipping rope. For the third part you go back to the exercises for your muscles which you do again for 10 minutes.

After finishing your power workout you’ll feel great. And it’s better than no workout. So if you don’t have time, or you think you don’t have time, just do the power workout. You do in a very short time a very effective workout.

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