How to act on a job interview

If you’re having a job interview and you’re not shure if you know everything about applying you should follow these steps below which helped me the most.

  1. Don’t be too nervous. Being a little bit nervous is ok. but if you’re really nervous you may not get the job. Try to act natural and remember being nervous is ok. but not too much.

  2. Look your interviewer in the eyes when he’s talking. That’s a sign of courtesy and respect.

  3. Have a firm and comfortable handshake. This shows your interviewer that you’re confident. A clammy handshake is never a good start.


  4. Be interested in what your employer is talking about. Show your interest by asking questions and confirming what he’s talking about.

  5. Depending on the job, you need to wear elegant clothes. If you’re applying for an office job you need to pay attention on what you’re wearing.

  6. Go prepared to the interview. Knowing some details about the company you’re applying for is never wrong. And being informed about the whole structure is very important and also shows interest.

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