How to trick your body into eating less

Eating less is not always easy. Here are some tips to trick your body and brain into eating less.

  1. Small plates

    Serve your food in small plates. If you eat in small plates you’ll automatically eat less because you’ve got less space in small plates. Your brain thinks you ate a whole meal, which you also did but you ate less than you would with a bigger plate.


  2. Glass of water

    If you’re really hungry and you could eat more than you should, drink a glass of water before you start eating. You wont be that hungry anymore and therefore you’ll eat less.


  3. Hide or don’t even buy sweets

    Hide or don’t even buy sweets. Because if you don’t see them you’ll rather think about something else than these sweets. Have instead some fruits on the table and if you’re into eating something sweet you’ll eat a fruit.


  4. Eat enough!

    Try to eat enough. Eat a lot of vegetables until you’re not hungry anymore. If you’re still very hungry after a meal you’ll eat sweets instead of healthy food. It’s better to eat enough during your meal than after always having to think about chocolate, chips or whatever. Summarised you’ll eat less if you had enough for lunch or dinner.

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