Living healthy and travelling combined

 You want to go travelling but are afraid to gain a lot of weight or get lazy? Try to follow these easy steps to prevent becoming unhealthy.


  • First of all, even if you’re travelling eat healthy: a lot of fruits and vegetables. Of course, try new and culinary food and don’t resign delicious food you never tried before just to follow your fitness plan. But just try sometimes to exchange an ice-cream or another candy with a fruit which is also sweet.

fruits and vegetables

  • Secondly, do some exercises. Again, you don’t have to spend your whole day doing exercises but try to go jogging for half an hour every second day in the morning for example. Or do some exercises before going to sleep. Doing something is better than doing nothing. And if you were exploring an island all day you know you already did something combined it with your travel. So you don’t need and also may don’t want to do an exercise in the evening. Just find a healthy balance.

After all, enjoy your trip. By travelling you’ll experience so many amazing and unforgettable things which will actually lead you to do a lot of sport and eat healthy.



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