How to ensure you enjoy your trip


Make sure you don’t forget anything. Write a list and ensure yourself everything on the list is in your luggage. Wipe everything off your list which already is in your suitcase. Also write a list of what you need to buy in your country that is important for you. And write a list of what you don’t want to buy in your country which is cheaper somewhere else.



Talk to the locals

Be confident, talk to the locals. You’ll learn a lot about a country, more than you would by just talking to your tour guides. If you’re friendly enough they’ll show you their secret places and invite you to their home. You’ll eat special things which you never ate and hopefully try new and delicious food.


Talk to other travellers

If you once got over being shy you’ll see how nice it is to talk to other travellers. They’ve already seen the country which you’re going to visit and have a lot of tips and tricks. They can also show you secret places and where to spent your evening. Experienced travellers can tell you what you should avoid in a foreign country and where to pay attention to.


Be adventurous

Try new things. Firstly you’ll be shy and insecure but after you’ve done it more than once you’ll see how nice it is. You’ll have a feeling which is similar to the feeling adrenalin. At the beginning you don’t know what’s ahead of you but after you face these new things it’ll be incredible. New things are always exciting!




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