6 signs which let you know it’s time to let him/her go.

  1. You can’t trust him/her.

    You always have the feeling he/she’s cheating on you when he/she leaves the house. Even if he/she’s not cheating you don’t trust him/her anymore. You want to trust him/her but it’s not possible.

  2. You don’t love this person anymore.

    Even if it’s hard to admit but you don’t love this person anymore. Being with him/her is more like a habit than really love. Even if you want to love him/her, you don’t.

  3. He/She never does what he/she says.

    He/She always promises you things which he/she never does. Promises like: “I’m going to spend more time with you” are a constant lie. And at the end you’re spending your time alone or with friends.

  4. You’re always arguing over the same old things.

    You’re fighting over the same things over and over again. It’s more about the arguing itself than what you’re arguing about. You don’t actually have the force to argue again but somehow you get again involved in an argument.

  5. You’re turning into a person you’re definitely not!

    You nearly have to change your whole character for this person.  Sometimes it’s because you don’t want to fight again over something you know the other person would start an argument and sometimes you change because you don’t feel comfortable anymore.

  6. You can’t remember the last time you where happy to spend your time with this person.

    You want to spend time with him/her, but whenever you do it, it’s not really a pleasure. While spending time together you either argue or you don’t really have something to talk about.

    We think it’s hard to let someone go who loved you and who you loved but sometimes it hurts more to hold on, on something which doesn’t really exist anymore than to let go.



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