sleep more!

Sleeping the right amount every night can help you lose weight.

Depending on the different kind of person but 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night helps you to lose weight and feel better. Because during the sleeping period your body reliefs stress you had during the day. You relax and get prepared for the next day. If you don’t sleep well or enough, you will take all the stress you had mental and physical to the next day. Which makes you exhausted or maybe grumpy. And that’s not everything because if your body and your brain feel the lack of sleep, your fat cells will feel it too. Which causes that trying to lose weight will be more difficult than for someone who sleeps more.


Sleeping enough also helps your muscles to relax and to prepare themselves for the next day. After a night of good sleep your muscles will be able to absorb your next training session and the right nutrition. So, sleeping enough will help you gain muscles faster.

Another fact is that if you don’t sleep enough you wont be able to eat healthy. You will feel more hungry because your body will need something to replace the lack of sleep. Your brain knows that sugar and sweets will go very fast into your bloodstream and help your body and brain to be awake and ‘fit’ (but just for some minutes). That’s why you will eat chocolate instead of some vegetables or fruits. Your body will feel exhausted and tired and the only way to overcome this is going to bed (which is not always possible if you have to work or go to school) or eat some sweets like chocolate or donuts to be more active to get through the day.

Sleeping well and enough is not just good to lose weight but also for nearly everything. And we all know how it feels like when we slept the whole night like a baby!

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