Why do bullies bully others?

That’s a difficult question. A lot of people get bullied during their school time. And it’s also crazy how many people get bullied at work. There are some reasons why people bully others and why they behave like they do. These facts may help victims to understand why they got bullied  and also how to prevent to get bullied the next time.

The first reason is that bullies have been bullied themselves. They have been victims themselves and didn’t talk about it or could never find out why they got bullied. Growing up being bullied is hard. And that’s the reason why bullies do bully others. Nobody was there to help them and to show them now that it’s not the right way to treat people. So they do what they’ve learned, they bully.

Some people bully because of the lack of attention they get at home or from friends. Actually that’s the only way to show they’re strong and ‘cool’, (obviously not!) That way they get the attention they need and don’t get anywhere else.

The third reason is sad but true. Some people bully because their parents are aggressive and don’t treat their kids right or the way they should be treated. These parents aren’t the role model they should be and that’s why bullies didn’t learn it better.

Another big reason why people get bullied is because they’re different. Bullies do bully if someone is different in some way. Perhaps they do this because they’re jealous. But They will never admit it.

There are shure a lot more reasons why bullies do bully others. At work or at school or wherever but always keep in mind: not to look away if others get bullied! And talk about it if you get bullied! There is always a solution.



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